Girls Night Out 

Award-winning science fiction podcast

Mary Labrie


Mary is the writer and producer of podcasts and radio shows. Mary produces 'The Shiver Show,' and 'Women of a Certain Age,' two radio shows for KPPQ 104.1 FM in California. She also produces these shows in podcast format. Her award-winning sci-fi podcast series, 'Girls Night Out,' won the Best Fiction award at the Australian Podcasts Awards for 2022. Girls Night Out is also nominated for best original music score in a podcast series at the Canadian Podcast Awards (2023). Born in Horseshoe Bay, British Columbia, Mary is Canadian and Australian.

Dan Egan

Voice Actor/Music

Dan is a film director, actor, writer and composer. He composed the original theme music for 'Girls Night Out,' which is nominated for Best Original Music in a Podcast Series at the Canadian Podcast Awards (2023). He was a voice actor in Season 1, where he played Nurse Felix, Norman and Jerry. In Season 2, Dan played Griffin. Dan is Canadian and Australian.

Kelly Ulrich


Kelly is our artist and cartoonist. She is creating the graphic novel series of 'Girls Night Out.' Kelly is best know for her viral cartoon series on Instagram, 'Dean and Nala.' Kelly has also written and illustrated numerous children's books, including, 'The Dublin Fox,' 'Where Did all the Rhinos Go?' and 'Walking with Bentley.' Kelly is Canadian.


Voice Actors

It's the voice actors who really bring this story to life. Girls Night Out has a global all-star cast of voice talent from the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Click the icon above to check out our IMDb page.

  • Sydney NSW, Australia
  • Studios in Vancouver, Canada and Ventura, California

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